Press Release


Welcome to the Doxie Hotel, a newly renovated, pet-friendly boutique hotel with contemporary design!

We have been in business since 2002 as Manhattan Broadway Hotel. We used to be oriented towards budget travelers who would like to take advantage of our key location several blocks away from Time Square. We offered rooms at the intersection of price, value, and location.

Last year we decided to change the concept to offer our guests more wholesome and unique experience by focusing on the improved contemporary design as well as more environmentally- and pet-friendly features. We started an extensive renovation that included updating all finishes like flooring, paint, wallpaper, tiling, all new furnishings.

It has been a tough year as we have been renovating the hotel room by room, but we have finally finished the process on October 14th and opened our doors as Doxie Hotel on October 21st. However, there is nothing more delightful than knowing that we can offer our guests a better experience on their New York City adventure!


Old Room
Old Bathroom


Triple Rooms

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